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FLEXOMAT - Flexible positioning tools for the milling of fiber composite materials

ProfileFLEXOMAT is a joint project by the companies cbprocess, Josef Weischer GmbH & Co. KG and the Faser Institute Bremen (FIBRE).

The cbprocess part of the project focuses on the flexible, intelligent and universally usable clamping jigs solutions for the positioning and spanning of fibre composite components with actuators controlled by software. Current solutions for example in the aerospace industry usually are inefficient.

What we have proposed is an innovative approach using context-based process visualization to simplify the communication between engineering and production. Develop new kind of flexible and customizeable Actuators. Furthermore a software which optimizes the positioning of the actuators based on CAD data. The goal of the project is to considerably reduce the development costs for clamping jigs and storage with a simultaneous reduction of development times.


The Project is funded by



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